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By Anne Rooney

Acquired a thirst for wisdom of all issues nasty? Then this yuckopedia’s for you! A staff of comic strip characters publications you thru a dinner party of festering proof so terrible they’re not easy to believe.
Featuring gross truths concerning the human physique, nutrients, animals, background, technology, or even international documents in horribleness, it’s a true schooling in all issues rotten . . . input ye now not, these of a vulnerable structure . . .

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Think cabbage is horrid? In Korea, it is sometimes buried in clay pots with salt for many months before it’s eaten – this dish is called kimchi, and is served with most meals. Alligator kebabs are popular in southern Louisiana, USA. In Fiji, people starve a pig for a week, then feed it veal when it is very hungry. A few hours later, they kill the pig and remove the half-digested veal, which they cook and eat. What to do with all the rattle snakes? Skin them, gut them, cut them into chunks, cover in batter and deep fry.

ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 If you took all the nerves out of an adult’s body and laid them end to end they would stretch 75 kilometres (47 miles). But the adult would not be pleased. Horrible Body Facts Sweat doesn’t actually smell – it’s the bacteria breaking it down that produce the pong. When you sleep, you aren’t blinking so there is no way to sweep away the mix of water, oils and other chemicals that wash over your eyes. Instead, they dry out around the edges of your eyes making crispy or slimy yellow gunk.

The skin was inflated first to stop the feathers burning, and then pierced when the bird was cooked so that it appeared as though it were alive when served. Some Amazonian tribes used to make a soup with the ground bones of their dead relatives. Once, at a Roman banquet, a slave stabbed the stomach of a roast boar to release a flock of live thrushes. In Texas, armadillos are sometimes roasted in their shells, stuffed with carrots, apples and potatoes. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 The Akoa pygmy tribe eat elephant meat with a serving of live maggots.

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