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Were you aware Hippogriff is supposedly the offspring of a horse and a griffin? Or Greek Sphinx more often than not has a male face, while an Egyptian one has a feminine visage? the place does the Skunk Ape roam, and the way are you able to spot a Kitsune in human shape? Is Slenderman the main scary legendary creature, or is that honour bestowed at the fearsome Gashadokuro? This excellent ebook includes information of over 100 legendary beasts and mythical creatures, organised into different types for simple reference. no matter if you have an interest within the beasts of wherever from historical Greece to modern day Africa, this can be the ebook for you!

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101. Slenderman: some people will tell you that Slenderman is an invention of the internet - and as mythical creatures go, that would be quite interesting by itself. However, legends of a tall, thin skeletal figure have persisted for years across many cultures, even if they don’t have the abilities that current Slenderman mythos attributes - being able to cause Slender Sickness for instance. Said to sleep on a bed of dirt taken from a fresh grave, or to inhabit a fetid well near to his intended victims, Slenderman is a truly terrifying mythical beast worthy of inclusion on any list of creatures of legend.

Moon Rabbit: in both East Asian and Aztec mythology, it was said that a rabbit lived on the moon - this was based on the satellite’s markings, which some thought looked like a rabbit grinding and pounding using a pestle and mortar. The Chinese say it is concocting the elixir of life, whereas the Japanese and Koreans believe it is making tasty rice cakes. One Chinese legend tells of how a girl named Chang-o was banished to the moon for stealing the pill or immortality from her husband; she managed to take her pet rabbit with her and they have been living there ever since.

Whereas some Banshees are said to be terrifyingly ugly, others have been described as beautiful women, and some even as an animal such as a crow, stoat or weasel. Likewise, the Banshee’s cry can be anything from a ‘low, pleasant singing’ to a ‘thin, screeching sound somewhere between the wail of a woman and the moan of an owl’. 86. Valkyrie: riding upon winged horses, Valkyries choose slain Norse warriors from the battlefield as their husbands, and bring them to Valhalla, the hall ruled over by the god Odin.

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