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By Steven Gould

Welcome to the territory. depart your steel in the back of, it all. The insects will consume it, and they'll move all through you to get it…Don't hold it, don't put on it, and for god's sake don't come the following if you've received a pacemaker.

The insects confirmed up approximately fifty years ago--self-replicating, solar-powered, metal-eating machines. nobody is aware the place they got here from. They don't like water, although, so they've stayed within the desolate tract Southwest. The territory. humans nonetheless stay right here, yet they do it with no steel. Log cabins, ceramics, what plastic they could get that might continue to exist the solar and warmth. expertise has tailored, and so have the people.

Kimble Monroe has selected to dwell within the territory. He used to be born right here, and he's terribly good tailored to it. He's one in 1000000. probably one in a billion.

In 7th Sigma, Gould builds a rare SF novel of survival and private triumph opposed to the entire odds.

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We’re already doing it. We couldn’t be any worse off—and who knows? Maybe he’ll work like he’s supposed to. ” “The opportunity . ” Korie echoed the thought. “There is that. He’s as much a member of this crew as anyone. I suppose he’s entitled to the same consideration. Let me think about this—” Leen touched Korie’s shoulder and spoke very softly. “It’s not right to keep him dead, Mr. Korie. He’s not like the others . ” “I know,” said Korie. “But he’s still a consciousness, he can feel, he can hurt.

We could use irrigation stems. Start out with Luna moss, take cuttings every two days. ” Leen didn’t answer. He just swiveled back to his screen and called up a set of extrapolations. “It’ll be at least a month before you’re getting significant oxygen production, even if you could double volume every two days. ” “A month might work,” said Korie. “Just barely. ” “We don’t have a lot of choice in the matter. We’re going to have to go to aeroponics sooner or later anyway. We have food for three months.

The shuttles weren’t sentient on the same scale HARLIE was, but they were smart enough to avoid bumping into planets, moons, and asteroids. He’d have to talk it over with Chief Leen. It was another option. As he headed forward again, he nearly bumped into Reynolds and MacHeath. They were maneuvering an unconscious crewmember toward sick bay. Korie nodded to them, then pushed himself quickly ahead. The ship’s mess was full of men and women; the overflow from sick bay. Some were conscious, most were not.

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