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This takes us back to the contracting of instances as a passive subject. It is only in a relationship of by drawing be instants. Before the together constituted the can that of time subject we 44 return to the first passive synthesis, it is worth taking account of what Deleuze says about time in this regard: my undeterminedexistencecan be determined only within time as the existence of a phenomenon, of a passive, receptive phenomenal subject appearing within time. As a result, the spontaneity of which I am conscious in the `I think' cannot be understood as the attribute of a substantial and spontaneous being, but only as the affection of a passive self which experiences its own thought - its own intelligence, that by virtue of which it can say I- being exercised in it and upon it but not by it.

Schroeder stated that if the abstract were not actualised it would lack reality - that it was by being in look back the that only realised actual we could and refer to a potential. We from is is Deleuze Instead, that this the the already see not actually case. passive self a is becoming becoming beginning potential which realised without without actualised: a if immediate becomes: does become The the potential subject not or end. question inner drive lack, how does the active subject arise? through actualised some or We must go back to the repetition of instants.

It Psychology is it through regards as established that contemplating? contrary, the self cannot contemplate itself. This, however, is not the question. The itself is (Deleuze: 1994, is the a contemplation... self or not question whether 73). If wheat is a contraction of sun, rain and earth, if oil is a contraction of vegetation and do love, (Badiou: 2001), if humans science, politics and art are a contraction of pressure, is is because in Deleuze's This duration in the reply no. of a present? they result same be limited there will contemplation a specific contracting and power every situation of a isn't just it It longer that the takes to tree to than case.

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