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By Arto Salomaa; Derick Wood; Sheng Yu (eds.)

This quantity includes chosen papers awarded on the Fourth Asian Symposium on computing device arithmetic. There are 39 peer-reviewed contributions including complete papers and prolonged abstracts by means of the 4 invited audio system, G.H. Gonnet, D. Lazard, W. McCune and W.-T. Wu, and those hide the most major advances in laptop arithmetic, together with algebraic, symbolic, numeric and geometric computation, automatic mathematical reasoning, mathematical software program, and computer-aided geometric layout risk Algebras (Extended summary) (J Brzozowski & Z Esik); Undecidability and Incompleteness leads to Automata thought (J Hartmanis); Automata thought: Its prior and destiny (J Hopcroft); 40 Years of Formal energy sequence in Automata conception (W Kuich); enjoying endless video games in Finite Time (R McNaughton); Gene meeting in Ciliates: Computing via Folding and Recombination (G Rozenberg); Compositions over a Finite area: From Completeness to Synchronizable Automata (A Salomaa)

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Voigtl¨ ander, J. ) MPC 2015. LNCS, vol. 9129, pp. 137–158. : Assigning meanings to programs. Math. Aspects Comput. : Programming interfaces and basic topology. Ann. Pure Appl. : Interactive programs in dependent type theory. , Schwichtenberg, H. ) CSL 2000. lncs, vol. 1862, pp. 317–339. : Specifying interactions with dependent types. : An axiomatic basis for computer programming. Commun. : Programming from specifications. : Ynot: Dependent types for imperative programs. In: International Conference on Functional Programming, ICFP 2008, pp.

Rather, we can assign semantics to our Statement data type directly, as a recursive function: Fixpoint semantics (c : Statement) : PT In addition to the rules from Fig. 2, this function simply maps specifications, represented by the Spec constructor, to their associated predicate transformer. Let us examine the rules in Fig. 2 a bit more closely. Each precondition may refer to an initial state s; each postcondition is formulated as a binary relation between an initial state s and a final state s , ignoring the (proof of the) precondition on s for the moment.

Acknowledgements. We are grateful to Arthur Chargu´eraud and Maxime D´en`es for several discussions on these questions. We also thank Jean-Christophe Filliˆ atre for suggesting the n-queens example, and Cl´ement Fumex and Claude March´e for pointers to the literature. We finally thank the anonymous FLOPS reviewers, whose remarks helped us to streamline our presentation. From Sets to Bits in Coq 27 References 1. : The B-book: Assigning Programs to Meanings. Cambridge University Press, New York (1996) 2.

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