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By M. a. Valerie Pursel Zimbaro, Henry James

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Temple follows Stephen around like an eager disciple, fervently supporting Stephen’s decision not to sign the petition. His fawning attachment to Stephen so aggravates Cranly that Cranly tells Stephen, ". . curse him! . Don’t talk to him at all . . you might as well be talking . . ' Soon, Cranly and Stephen are joined by two other students, Lynch and Davin, who provide Stephen with another opportunity to enunciate his developing aesthetic philosophy. Later, during a hurling match, Davin shows concern for Stephen’s growing isolation and his self-exalting pride; Davin urges him to embrace his Irish heritage: "Try to be one of us," he says.

Nonetheless, Stephen has an opportunity here to differentiate between his own aesthetic use of language, as opposed to the language that is used in the "literary tradition . . of the marketplace"--that is, that which is taught by the dean. Stephen perceives the dean's scholastic limitations, and he pities him for his uninspired, but faithful service to his order. He realizes that a university education cannot adequately prepare someone like himself if he is to attain unique, individual, aesthetic ideals.

I was exalted just as the beautiful olives on the plains and the plane trees that grow alongside the streams. Just as I gave forth the strong fragrance of cinnamon and the balsam tree, I also gave forth the sweet fragrance of the choicest myrrh. • sums and cuts • Ennis, who had gone to the yard • We can scut the whole hour. • catechism a series of questions and answers containing the summing up and the key principles of Catholicism. • the particular judgment This judgment occurs immediately following death; the Day of Final Judgment, the Last Judgment, occurs when Christ returns to earth and pronounces the final destiny for those who are still alive.

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