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When you've got ever questioned if there's extra to faith than historical rituals, then this publication is for you. when you have already come to the conclusion that Wicca is the faith for you, then this publication might help fill in these many blanks which have been left via different books. Making no try and dictate non secular dogma or regimen, the writer illustrates the numerous concerns a person's faith may still tackle and exhibits how he has came upon solutions to these matters in the course of the perform of a contemporary faith, which has, partly, been dependent on a few of the oldest ideas of the traditional international. He examines the 4 phases of existence from this angle. o Maiden and grasp - delivery, Wiccaning, and Self-Dedication. o dad and mom - Initiation, Mating Customs, and being pregnant. o Crone and Sage - Grandchildren, Suicide, and demise. o heart floor - Reincarnation, Summerland, and Winterland.

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The test is if it is empowering. That simple quote from some Joe that I have never met saved my life, so it is sacred. I was not there at the beginning of the world and will not pretend to know what I have not seen first hand. Neither was anyone else. I don’t know how the world was created, and I don’t know for a fact that its creator is evidenced by our creativity, but it works for me. ’ These are the stories that help us to understand things that we cannot know by science alone. In a way, they are magick because they give us the ability to understand the nature of something whose nature has not yet been explained.

That separation came into play because Diana desperately wanted no longer to be alone and to have a mate of her own. Sky and Earth: Children of Union From the union of our Light and Darkness came many children, none of which are more beloved than the two we would come to know as Earth and Sky. It is here that we find the story of the Wiccan religion begins. You see, Wicca is an Earth-based religion. While Light and Darkness may have indeed caused life to start elsewhere, we have yet to meet those brothers and sisters.

In my view of Wicca, the use of the word Creator is not a name for the Creator. It is a tool by which we can communicate belief with those who have chosen to give that Creator a name. ” For this is how the Wiccan views the many names given to the Creator by the many different religions, all the many faces of one Creator. 52 A Wiccan Bible Liber ab Tres I (Book of Three—Part I) Book of Potential and Fate “Mind the Three Fold Law ye should—three times bad and three times good” Line 23 From Rede of the Wiccae As submitted to Green Egg magazine by Lady Gwen Thompson “Less in thy own defense it be, always mind the rule of three” Line 23 From the Wiccan Rede From my own Book of Shadows ne of the jokes about Wicca is that there are as many different traditions in Wicca as there are Wiccans.

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