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Multi Tenancy for Cloud-Based In-Memory Column Databases: Workload Management and Data Placement

With the proliferation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) choices, it truly is turning into more and more vital for person SaaS services to function their providers at a reasonably-priced. This publication investigates SaaS from the point of view of the supplier and exhibits how operational expenses will be diminished by utilizing “multi tenancy,” a strategy for consolidating a number of consumers onto a small variety of servers.

Datenbanksysteme. Eine Einführung

- Systematische und ausführliche Einführung in moderne Datenbanksysteme
- Fokus auf moderne Datenbanktechnologien
- Veranschaulichung durch Beispielanwendungen

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Just remember, once you define the needs and purposes of the servers within your process, use them in a disciplined manner, in order to ensure the smoothness of your development process. For most development, in order to provide a mechanism for testing prior to deployment, you should have at least three basic environments: • a development environment where you can make mistakes without hurting your production system • a testing environment to ensure that anything you're releasing into the wild of production will work correctly • a production system where the data that supports your company will live.

NET language. Unlike most forms of structured documentation, XML documentation is usually inserted immediately before the definition of the component that you are documenting. 41 Chapter 2: Documenting your Database The rest of the standard tags are listed in Table 2-1. Tag Purpose Set text within a paragraph in a code-like font to indicate that it is a token. Set one or more lines of code or output. An example of the routine's use. The errors or exceptions that can be thrown by the code.

Returns: 1 if whitespace, otherwise 0 **/ RETURNS INT AS BEGIN RETURN CASE WHEN PATINDEX( '%[A-Za-z0-9-]%', @string COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AI ) > 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END END GO Listing 2-4: A comment header in YAML format. 45 Chapter 2: Documenting your Database Naturally, we may want several comment blocks and, most likely, we will want them anywhere we choose in our routine. We'll also want inline headers, using the triple-dash rather than the double-dash of inline comments. Listing 2-5 shows the JSON version, which may answer the question as to why JSON isn't really a better choice.

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