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Multi Tenancy for Cloud-Based In-Memory Column Databases: Workload Management and Data Placement

With the proliferation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) choices, it's changing into more and more vital for person SaaS services to function their companies at a within your means. This booklet investigates SaaS from the viewpoint of the supplier and indicates how operational expenses will be lowered through the use of “multi tenancy,” a method for consolidating quite a few shoppers onto a small variety of servers.

Datenbanksysteme. Eine Einführung

- Systematische und ausführliche Einführung in moderne Datenbanksysteme
- Fokus auf moderne Datenbanktechnologien
- Veranschaulichung durch Beispielanwendungen

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Each column in a table has a data type, such as integer or text The CUSTOMER_ID and ZIP fields are stored as INTEGER, which is the data type for a whole (nondecimal) number. This means these fields should only hold INTEGER val‐ ues. The rest of the columns are stored as TEXT. There are other data types that could be used, such as DATETIME, BOOLEAN (true/false), and DECIMAL, which are not used in this particular table. For now, if you understand the concept of data types, then that is all you need to observe in the Structure tab.

First, do a SELECT all to see the data (Figure 4-5): SELECT * FROM PRODUCT; Figure 4-5. The PRODUCT table Suppose we wanted to generate a calculated column called TAXED_PRICE that is 7% higher than PRICE. 07 AS TAXED_PRICE FROM PRODUCT; Expressions in SELECT Statements | 23 Figure 4-6. Using expressions to calculate a TAXED_PRICE column Notice in the SELECT statement that we can spread our SQL across multiple lines to make it more legible. The software will ignore extraneous whitespace and separate lines, so we can use them to make our SQL easier to read.

And treat it as text when merging. The ZIP field shown here is a number, but it was implicitly con‐ verted to text during concatenation. More text operations will be covered in the next chapter, but concatenation is defi‐ nitely an important one. Many database platforms use double pipes (||) to concatenate, but MySQL and some others require using a CONCAT() function. Summary In this chapter, we covered how to use the SELECT statement, the most common SQL operation. It retrieves and transforms data from a table without affecting the table itself.

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