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By Bob Bowers

This booklet covers all element of internet publishing with FileMaker seasoned.

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If you’re using Instant Web Publishing, you’ll find that portals on your layouts are rendered almost flawlessly, including alternate line coloring and a vertical scroll bar. You can even allow creation of related records like you would in FileMaker. Even though you’ll use fewer portals in your web applications, you’ll still find it convenient to use related fields for displaying more information about a parent record. If you want to access related fields, you must explicitly request a layout that contains the related fields.

Even if you do have a high-speed Internet connection, you might not want the responsibility or expense of hosting your own web server. In these cases, PHP can be a compelling solution. Most every ISP will have machines configured with Apache and PHP, and you can have PHP talk to a FileMaker Pro Unlimited machine in your office. There are two benefits to this configuration. The first is that you only need a very vanilla (inexpensive, ubiquitous) hosting arrangement. The second is that you avoid synchronization issues; web users access your live FileMaker system in real-time.

Cascading deletes). More important than the actual definition of a relationship, however, is that you have a coherent system of primary and foreign keys. You’ll find 25 Chapter 2 Preparing Your Databases for the Web 26 Chapter 2 that on the web, you use the keys themselves more than you use FileMaker relationships. An example will help clarify what we mean by this. In FileMaker, if you wanted to navigate from a parent record to a set of children, you’d most likely use a Go to Related Record script step that requires a defined relationship between the two tables.

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