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COONEY ET AL. concentrate attaining close proximity to each other to form sufficient intermolecular bond density and strength. The effect of high-molecular-weight polysaccharides, carrageenan and CMC, on the strength of the filaments is given in Table XVII. It is interesting to note that the tensile strength of filaments containing CMC increases appreciably when the filaments are stretched. The mechanism of filament formation and structure enforcement was described as follows (Huang and Rha, 1978a, b): As the SCP dope with the addition of CMC passed through the capillary, the shearing force aided molecular arrangement, encouraging intermolecular bonding.

The type and degree of coagulation determine the structure, mechanical properties, and textural acceptability of the product. a . Heat coagulation. Huang and Rha (1971) determined that coagulation of protein as indicated by a decrease in solubility starts at temperatures as low as 60°C for protein concentrate from C . 05 N NaOH. b. Chemical coagulation. Coagulation of alkali dispersion 0s SCP with acid was studied by Balmaceda and Rha (1973a). 3% SCP concentration, pH 9) in a coagulation bath containing 14% Na2S04,8% A12(S04)3,and 10% H2S04 at the initial stage was approximately 3 X c d s e c .

R. 1973. The influence of environmental condition on the macromolecular composition of Cundidu utilis. Biotech. Bioengr. 15, 239-256. Anderson, C . , and Solomons, G. L. 1975. The growth of microfungi on carbohydrates. In “Single-Cell Protein, 11” (S. R. Tannenbaum and D . I. C. ), p. 314. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Aries, R. S. 1952. Method for extracting proteins from yeast. U . S . Patent 2,603,630. , and Tamura, M. 1971. Method of treating microbial cells. S. Patent 3,6 15,654. , and Rha, C.

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