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By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, in short textual content and illustrations, using the letter blend "ag" in such phrases as "flag," "tag," "rag," and "stag."

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Murdock was not long in readying himself. He sat down to eat at the all-purpose desk table while his partner gave him an account of affairs in the camp, a surprisingly detailed one considering the fact that he, too, had only returned to it the previous afternoon. He had put the time Ross had spent with the Ton to good use. The other man eyed his rapidly emptied plate with satisfaction, then turned his attention to Ross himself. " He looked a bit sheepish. " Gordon smilea. "There aren't many people at whom a commander in a situation like ours can afford to snarl.

So used his own soldiers… Stop scowling, Comrade. " Eveleen overheard the exchange and joined them. "Pay no attention to him, Captain. " Ross glanced at the animal. "He's not much hurt, but take the Sergeant's doe. " The other man nodded his thanks and moved to claim the gray. There was nothing irregular in that. Sapphirehold was not part of the Confederacy, and what they took in their fighting was theirs by war right. Ton Gurnion was still surprised even after their months of informal alliance by the amount of materiel and the number of mounts sent to him by the hard-fighting partisan warriors, knowing no claim of his but only the generosity of these people and their perception of his needs moved them to give as they did of their spoil.

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