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Soon, Kip could see the Hoverport looming up ahead. It looked like a giant car park floating in the air. But instead of old- fashioned cars, it had rows of starships. Kip’s starship was one of the biggest. MoNa was gleaming black with a pointed nosecone and powerful thrusters. She was custom-built for extreme long-distance space travel. ‘Please open the landing bay door, MoNa,’ Kip said into his SpaceCuff. ’ said MoNa grumpily. Kip rolled his eyes. I’m not even that late! he thought. But he said nothing to MoNa.

Soon, Kip found something poking up from the roof. There was a hatch on top. He guessed it was some kind of airlock into the transporter. He forced open the hatch a little way and squeezed through. Using the CatsEyes, Kip made out a ladder fixed to the wall. He climbed down nimbly into an airlock, and then inside the transporter itself. Finbar followed nervously. This must be the bridge, Kip thought. The small room was half-filled with slime. Six corridors led in all directions. A can floated by, as though the aliens had been mid-snack when the transporter crashed.

Kip yanked the pin, and there was a puff of smoke. Immediately, the transporter began to rock violently. In a seething mass, the Slime Crawlers slithered away at top speed. They disappeared through the escape hatch and into the pond. Kip couldn’t hear a thing. But Finbar howled, burying his head in his lap. He was half-animal, so the grenade irritated his ears. Luckily, he had his helmet for extra protection. Now to see if we can get the transporter out of here and flying again, Kip thought. And then we can all go home!

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