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By Charles Ingrid

The Thraks had killed Jack Storm's commanding officer, and hurricane were given the command of the Knights and the accountability of overcoming the Thraks. yet a mysterious new race of extraterrestrial beings had seemed at the scene--in celebrity ships which annihilated human and Thrakian ships alike! unique.

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Jack watched Pepys, realizing the electricity with which the fine red hair rose and fell as though on a tide, was a signal of the man’s level of intensity. He was intense now. Very intense. But not over Jack and Jack was grateful for that, aware he tended to give himself away too easily even with Amber’s street savvy training. Jack inclined his head in slight affirmation of his emperor’s statement. ” Pepys sat back in his chair. “You understand, of course, that your command of the Knights will be secondary to my and Baadluster’s orders, and also probationary until you give me proof of your ability to win in the field.

He had an intense desire to trace the designs with his fingers, wherever they might go. The wonderment surged through him and Amber’s head jerked up, and her eyes met his quickly, widening in amazement. She took a step back. “No. Please. Last time…” The sweetness of the last time surged through him, melding time and place until he no longer knew if he was in memory or in reality. ” “It never is! ” He found himself moving forward. Amber put her hand out to stop him. For an electrifying second, the three of them were one.

Asleep…” his voice faded. Asleep, she’d have been locked into the nightmare Jack himself had lived. No. He wouldn’t have condemned her to that. She pinched the back of his neck. ” “Unless you’re thinking of enlisting, there won’t be any way you can join. ” Amber caught herself as he swung her down outside the bridge entry. She could hear Harkness’ thickened voice giving orders. The massive pilot turned and motioned to Jack. ” Amber helped Jack shuck the armor and they left Bogie lying in the corridor, seams open, as the control com screen filled with an incredible sight.

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